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Neck Pain

Copiah Family Wellness & Chiropractic Center For Neck Pain Can Reduce Pain and Improve Function

Many individuals suffer from neck pain that impacts their ability to work, play and socialize comfortably. Generally, a strain of the muscles that support the head will resolve in a few days, but in some cases, the pain can become a chronic problem. Injury or structural problems of the neck can also lead to headaches and lack of full range of motion. Many people would rather avoid using toxic drugs that cause unpleasant side effects or surgery that requires weeks of recovery time. Copiah Family Wellness & Chiropractic Center for neck pain can offer an effective therapy to relieve pain and improve function.

Your Hazlehurst, Copiah Family Wellness & Chiropractic Center Can Analyze the Causes of Neck Pain

Simple strains of the neck muscles can occur from sleeping in a bad position or carrying a heavy suitcase, but these issues generally resolve in a day or two. Chronic neck pain can occur from holding the neck in one position for a long period of time, such as when peering at a computer monitor throughout the day. Poor posture can cause dysfunction in the vertebrae and muscles of the upper back, which can lead to neck pain. Neck pain can also occur from auto accidents, when the head is thrown forward, and then backward suddenly, a condition that is called whiplash. Sports injuries can cause similar problems. Degenerative disc disease or herniated discs in the upper spine can also be a cause of chronic neck pain. Osteoarthritis can also be the cause of chronic neck discomfort. Your Hazlehurst ND chiropractor can provide a non-drug, non-invasive method of managing pain and improving function.

Copiah Family Wellness & Chiropractic Center Care For Neck Pain

Dr. Stidwell will do a thorough assessment of your spinal column and tenderness in the neck area, to design your individualized plan of chiropractic care for neck pain. Spinal manipulation may be used to relieve the pressure on discs and nerves in the upper neck. Massage can help to improve circulation throughout the upper back and neck areas. Dr. Stidwell can also advise you on ergonomic changes that will reduce strain on neck muscles to prevent re-injury. Finally, corrective exercise will help to strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck to improve mobility.

Your Hazlehurst, Copiah Family Wellness & Chiropractic Center Offers Tips For Dealing With Neck Pain

You can take a few simple actions to help relieve your neck pain. Apply ice or heat to reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles. Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can help to reduce discomfort. Do gentle exercises of the neck muscles, turning the head to one side to the other, and up and down to improve mobility. Avoid rough, jerky movements of the head. Take special care in choosing your pillow for sleeping. It should support your head in a natural position, without straining neck muscles. If you experience neck pain that doesn't improve, contact your Hazlehurst chiropractor for professional therapeutic care.

Let Copiah Family Wellness & Chiropractic Center Be Your Hazlehurst Chiropractor

Dr. Sophronia Stidwell and the staff at Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic take pride in providing professional, compassionate care for their patients in Hazlehurst, and surrounding communities. We offer a range of services for care, including manual manipulation, Gonstead technique, corrective exercises, massage, nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice. We treat many conditions, such as back pain, headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and auto accident injuries. Contact Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic today at 701-566-7361 for an appointment to learn how your Hazlehurst chiropractor can relieve your neck pain, so you can work and play more comfortably.

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