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Chronic Fibromyalgia Sufferers 

Nell M.
I suffered from chronic Fibromyalgia and back pain. The chronic pain changed my life dramatically. I went from being outgoing and adventures, to barely being able to walk, sit, or stand for even short periods at a time. I was unable to attend family functions and participate in my kid’s activities due to excruciating pain. So, I decided to go see a chiropractor. I’ve always wanted to see a chiropractor and fortunately for me Dr. Stidwell had a special going on for consultation, exam, and x-ray. It was by God’s grace that I was able to get the voucher. One of the best gifts one could hope for. After visiting the office my life has changed and is changing for the better. I can stand and walk more than 20 ft without a cane. I can prepare meals and do so many other things that I wasn’t able to do before coming into Dr. Stidwell’s office. Although my pain is not completely gone, it has become more manageable than before. My hopes for my health are that I continue to get better and stronger and to apply what Dr. Stidwell has taught me to continue for a pain free me. Nell Mitchell (Hazlehurst)

Chronic Knee Pain Sufferers 

Chronic Pain Sufferers 

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